How To Make Money Online in Malaysia: 5+9 Workable Ideas

Make Money Online part 1 - 5 Workable IdeasToday, you are going to see 5 of my workable ideas on how to earn money online at your home.

If you like these ideas and serious about make some side income, click get “Read Free” button below to learn more about the other 9 ideas. And that’s why the title is 5+9 workable ideas.

First, I will show you my first make money online experience.

Next, I will share what’s not working.

Then, you will see my 5 workable ideas.

Let’s jump right in.

My First make money online experience

About 9 years ago, I started my first online business selling clothes.

e-commerce fashion efu StoreI spent month to source out the supplier, itemize each product, photo and setup an e-commerce store. Those days don’t have plug and play shopping store like Shopify.

I still remember when Facebook is still new (started in 2004 and didn’t offer advertising services yet). All I can do is pay small ad fees in Cari (Use to be popular as Malaysia search engine).

I paid about RM20-30 per day and was able to generate 3 or 4 sales every day. That is not too bad as I still can make some profit margin for each sale. If I was able to send more visitor to my site, I may potentially generate more sales.

That’s my first experience of how to make money online.

Back to Today.

There are so many opportunities to make money online and yet many claim that they can make a peanut from that.

Thus, I would like to share my secret stuff for free and hoping it can give you some thought how to start making money online.

What’s not working?
Forget about the getting rich scheme!

sample getting rich scheme

Don’t fall for any kind of “get rich”quick type of scheme.

Anyone who tells you it’s easy to be rich with their system are just getting rich off of you. There are no free lunch in this word when it comes to generate income.

Most of the get rich scheme often have the model below.

  • No product or services to sell.
  • You invest X amount of money and get a high percentage of the X amount after certain time.
  • You have to get more people to join under your downline but no product and services involved.

In short, it is just a figure game.

How did the company make profit and give high commission to you without selling any product and services?

If they claim to take your money to do investment, most of the bank and financial companies need to close because the returns are so high compare to them.

bank close

Imagine even the most profitable unit trust is only able to guarantee 10% yearly return. If the get rich scheme able to generate income more than that consistently, most of the bank and unit trust center will be closed.

Getting downline is very common in multi-level-marketing (MLM) business. But MLM business make recurring profits by selling products or services that everyone use. And not simply making profit with the joining fees or investment fees.

People that take Internet work and really do well with it to where they’re making a lot of money, it took months or years of working and networking.

You won’t even be making RM100 any time soon until you learn how to get work and  do it well.

5 Workable Ideas

Without taking much, let jump right to these ideas.

#1 – Having a Popular Facebook Page or Group

Facebook logoYes. Do you know why Facebook is high profitable company?

The answer is their online traffic volume.

Here are the few interesting stats:

  • There are more than 1.44 billion active monthly Facebook users. It is increasing at 13% increase compared to last year.
  • As of March 2015, there are 936 million people login to Facebook every day.
  • The average time spent for each Facebook visit is about 20 minutes

Obviously, Facebook have tons of potential traffic to share.

You can create a group or page in your niche. Then grow the number of users/followers and keep putting in interesting content or contest to keep the engagement with your member.

Once you have certain number of members, you can start to monetize it.

Here are few ways of monetize it.

I. Promote Affiliate Product

You may not have a product to sell, but you can join other affiliate program and promote the product.

If anyone purchase under your recommendation, you get commission.

II. Promote Your Own Product/Services

Let me share to you a true example.

There is a very popular breastfeeding closed group within Malaysia.

facebook group

At the initial stage, the owner provides lot of values in breastfeeding, why we should do that, how we do that and etc.

The group started getting popular and most of the members are more than happy to join the group.

Later on, the business owner introduced confinement services (> RM10k per package) to their members.

Guess what? Most of the members or their friends will be introduced to use their services because they already built up the trust relationship with the business owner.

If you already have a popular Facebook group/page, start to monetize it now.

#2 – Sell Your Unused Items in Your Home

I know this looks silly.

But trust me, you probably have a few things sitting around that you can get rid off.

Video games, toys, cloth and really anything that you think people would want to collect. Start looking around for things you can sale online, and then make a profit off of that. You will be surprise how much money you can make instantly.

Personally, I use to make RM1000++ within month and clear up my store room.

With this small money, start thinking to invest on something else and don’t’ spend it for unnecessary!

With the presence of Facebook, it is so much easier  to sell your unused items.

Check out these popular Facebook group.

preloved group

You will be surprised how many are selling and buying these items:

#3 – Freelancer Services

If you have great writing skills, then managing Facebook pages can also be the right way to go for you. You can even offer graphic design services if you can do this, too.

freelancer services

There are just so many freelance jobs available online that you can do, and use as source of an extra income.

The best part about freelance work? You get to work for international clients, and the minimum requirement for it is a stable connection at home.

You get to expand your skills while also earning. And the best thing about freelancing is that you can work for clients around the world with just an internet connection from home, to your own hours whilst developing valuable skills.


Here are few tips to succeed in freelancer services

  • Start your rate low and build up a good profile/rating
  • Make sure you deliver good quality of work on time. Many international clients put high regard on timeliness so make sure you achieve this.
  • Increase your rate slowly when you are starting to build up your profile.
  • When it comes to project bidding, always bid lower to the budget. It is good idea to bid between 60%-80% of the project budget.
  • Remember, business owner want to save money but will not take risk on low quality works. E.g. they may not appoint you if you bid too low price at 20% of the budget as they simply think it doesn’t make sense to have good quality work with this kind of effort.

#4 – Buy and Sell Domain Names

selling domain names

Domain names are basically the website names. They can come in many extensions such as .com, .org, .biz, .net, among others.

Getting your own domain name will cost at least USD10 you can get it from or However, if you get lucky, you can have a premium domain name which can cost up to USD 1,000!

You’ll be amazed at how many businesses are willing to pay even millions to get a good domain name. was sold for USD35 million back in 2007.

So, it may not happen for you yet, but that does not mean you cannot make money from a domain.

You can still try to find sell-able domain names that come with commercial value. Then, you can list your domain name for sale at

#5 – Inside The Box

Online selling may seem like a good old idea, but it has gotten so competitive. Plus, there’s the challenge of thinking of the best product to sell.

There is a new concept of online selling today, coined as the “Inside The Box” selling. It simply means selling physical products gathered in one box.

One of the pioneers in this online selling is “Baltimore Box”. The business concept is basically started by a woman who put relevant products in one box, which all came from Baltimore, USA. These are small items that many people who leave Baltimore are happy to have.


The box also makes as good gift items. It may seem like a micro niche but she managed to reach $100,000 sales in a matter of months!

You can check her site and find the three pricing options for her boxes:

  • 3 item box – $20
  • 5 item box – $35
  • 10 item box – $60

Curious about the items in the box? Well, she clips newspaper bits, mitt with the Baltimore name, famous city snacks, among others.

She already has stocked these items before hand, and the customers get to choose what specific items they would want to be included in their box. This may seem like a low profit margin business, but this concept actually generated 50% profit margin.

“[City]  Box” is a small concept that is selling big! This is something that can be done in other parts of the world.  

Consider that there are hundreds and thousands of Malaysians all over the world who would be definitely delighted to have their own “Malaysia Box” or “Memories of Malaysia”. You can also include a copy of the local paper, Malaysian snacks, and postcards.

The idea doesn’t stop here. We can be more specific about it like “Sabah Box”, “Malacca Box”, “70’s Toys Box” or “Your Childhood Box.” Another idea is to send “Spicy Chili Box” for Malaysians who miss the Malaysian spice.

But make sure all item are safe and not prohibited to send over via post.

Now I have a Question For You…

Can you guess how someone can make money by selling t-shirt online without owning a website and handle any process in ordering, printing and delivering?

Click the “Read Free” button below to learn more. It is one of the ideas within the other 9 money making ideas. It be will sent to your mailbox instantly.

Lastly, I hope you liked this post.

If you have any feedback or ideas to share, feel free to post it here.

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