21 Must-Read Infograhics for Startup and Entrepreneur

It’s seems to be everyone’s goal to be free from the shackles of a typical 9 to 5 job, and be their own boss instead. With this, we’ve all dreamed of starting up our own business, in order to have better control of our time.

We’ve all heard of various stories about a top executive for a firm who left his stable job to start his own business. We’ve known young millionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Zach Klein of Facebook and Vimeo, respectively. Their success stories inspire us to make something for ourselves, as well.

One thing’s for sure though – these people did not become who they are now by sitting in their office chair the entire day. They innovated. They created something that they can truly own. However, being an entrepreneur is not all about freedom and flexibility. It also comes with its own sacrifices. Real successful entrepreneurs are able to deal with these sacrifices with ease, and learn to positively focus on their business goals instead. If you have a positive outloook and strong drive, then there is really nothing that should stop you from pursuing your goals of becoming an entrepreneur. After all, it’s definitely one of the most ideal career path across generations.

Becoming an entrepreneur means being able to do what you love while also creating an impact to the society in your own little ways.

Check out these 21 must-read infographics if you want to be entrepreneur to start your new business.

#1 – 16 Reasons Why People Become Entrepreneur

16 reasons why people become entrepreneur

#2 – 31 Ways To Be Creative

31 ways to be creative

#3 – Comparison Between Corporate Life vs Startup Life

a day in the life of corporate vs startup

#4 – Consumer vs Entrepreneur Mindset

consumer vs entrepreneur mindset

#5 – Do Things That Do Not Scale in Startups

do things that do not scale

#6 – List of Entrepreneurs Who Dropped Out To Do Business

entrepreneurs who dropped out to do business

#7- How AIRBRB Get Started

how airbnb started

#8 – How Angry Birds Get Started

how angry birds started

#9 – How Instagram Get Started

how instagram started

#10 – How Pinterest Get Started

how pinterest started

#11 – How-To Get Up Early

how to get up early

#12 – How To Have A Simple Life

how to have a simple life

#13 – How-To Start The Day

How-To Start The Day

#14 – How-To Start A Startup

How-To Start A Startup

#15 – How-To Succeed In A Startup

How-To Succeed In A Startup

#16 – How-To Think Faster
How-To Think Faster

#17 – Inside The Investor Mind

Inside The Investor Mind

#18 – How-To Work Fast

How-To Work Fast

#19 – List Of People Who Took Indirect Path To Success

List Of People Who Took Indirect Path To Success

#20 – Too Late To Learn?

Too Late To Learn?

#21 – Too Late To Start A Business?

Too Late To Start A Business?

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